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Welcome to Larnaca Property Deals

Welcome to Larnaca Property Deals, an easy to use Cyprus property portal offering a wide range of property deals at reduced prices and most importantly useful and accurate information about buying a property in Cyprus. Our website showcases apartments, houses, luxury villas, land, plots and commercial properties for sale and for rent in Larnaca, Cyprus. We have special ‘DEALS’ section, where you can find the latest hot property deals and offers; this is updated as and when a reduced property or a cheap property is listed on the website. Furthermore, we also propose investment opportunities, properties with the option to apply for a Cyprus Permanent Residence Permit as well as reduced properties which require a quick sale. If you can't find what you are looking for, submit our property request form and we will find it for you; we will email you as and when we get a property that fits your specific requirements and budget.





Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any legal safeguards for foreign buyers?   The legal safeguards both for foreign and local buyers are identical; it is highly recommended that the sales contract is deposited at the Larnaca Land Registry within 60 days from the sales contract signing date. This will protect the buyer’s right...


How can I obtain a Cyprus Resident permit?   In order to obtain a TEMPORARY RESIDENCE PERMIT, the candidate must have a bank account in Cyprus, showing foreign income which must be sufficient to sustain the candidate an his/her family. Furthermore, the candidate must have... 

More info about legal safe guards and obtaining a Cyprus Residence Permit


Posted by: Larnaca Property Deals | May 07, 2015





Cyprus Land Registry Info

The Cyprus Department of Lands and Surveys (also known as The Land Registry), started functioning in 1858 and is the oldest government unit of the public sector. The preliminary and key responsibility of the Land Registry was to register immovable property in Cyprus. However, since the department started its operations, during the years, it has extended its services offered to the general public, emerging into a comprehensive organization.  


In general, the purpose of the Land Registry is to create a fixed boundary coordinated cadastral structure after a methodical resurvey, the computerization of cadastral plans land records, topographical maps... More information about the Cyprus Land Registry


Posted by: Larnaca Property Deals | June 10, 2015



Cyprus Capital Gains Tax 2017

Responsibility of Capital gains Tax in Cyprus is limited to gains accruing on the 1st of January 1980. The costs that are subtracted from gross proceeds on the sale of immovable property are at its market value on the 1st of January 1980, or the costs of purchase and upgrading of the property, if made after the 1st of January 1980, as amended for inflation up to the date of the sale of the property on the basis of the Cyprus consumer price index.


Costs that are associated with the purchase and sale of immovable property in Cyprus are also subtracted, subject to other conditions, such as transfer... Find out more about Cyprus Capital Gains Tax 2017


Posted by: Larnaca Property Deals | February 09, 2016